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We will come to your location for an initial consultation and offer recommendations based on our experience and your needs.

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  • Devin

    Wonderful company to work with. Always professional and dressed to impress. You can tell they pride themselves on customer service

  • Jay

    Great Company and Trustworthy

  • Vanessa

    Great company for private security services! Always on time and extremely professional

  • Diamond Reef

    Professional staff with a great management team. Communication is never an issue and they are well trained.

  • Alex Silberstein

    The BEST when it comes to restaurant / bar security in NYC - professional, always on time, and superior customer service. Working with PSP is like working with family!

  • Troy Davis

    I found Private Security Protection Services, Inc. when I needed 24/7 security for one of my client’s residential properties on very short notice. They were ready to go immediately and had no problem adjusting to the constantly shifting schedule. Communication was excellent and guards were professional. Would definitely recommend them for any security need.

  • Marge Pfleiderer

    Our office was doing a new type of event that required specialized security assistance. Our regular security company totally dropped the ball, and we reached out to PSP with relatively short notice. They provided all the people we needed, gave us all the information that was required by the FDNY in advance, and provided an onsite supervisor initially to make sure that everything was handled perfectly, which also helped manage our anxiety level. We did several large events after that first one, and routinely reached out to PSP whenever we were doing so. Some faces became familiar, but there were some new ones as well. Everyone we worked with was professional, polite, and personable. I cannot recommend them more highly!

  • Natasha David

    Working with Katie, Nico and their team for the past few years has been a great pleasure. Katie and Nico take great pride in their business and hire their team accordingly. Unlike many other security companies i’ve worked with in the past, PSP worked hard to truly tailor their services to our specific needs. If there ever was a question or concern, things were handled immediately and with great care and follow up. Additionally, if there ever was an emergency or last minute request, Nico himself would show up and make sure things were taken care of. We always felt safe and taken care of. Highly recommend PSP!


  • – Our guards are skilled at handling the most pressing security issues that you face including trespassing, theft and vandalism.
  • – 24 hours Patrol Services
  • – Vehicle and Foot Patrol for Roaming Security
  • – Gate Guards
  • – Homeowners Associations
  • – Gated Communities
  • – All Residential Buildings including
  • – Apartments, Condos and Coops.
  • – Houses of Worship

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